Monday, 19 December 2016

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Monday, 28 November 2016

NEXT STORY Lt General AK Bhatt appointed as new DGMO

NEW DELHI: The government has cleared the appointment of Lt-General A K Bhatt as the next director-general of military operations (DGMO), even though it is yet to announce the names of the next Army and IAF chiefs despite both General Dalbir Singh Suhag and Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha slated to retire on December 31.

Lt-Gen Bhatt, who was commissioned into the Gorkha Rifles, will take over the crucial DGMO appointment from Lt-General Ranbir Singh, who captured the popular imagination after he declared at a hurriedly-called press briefing by the external affairs ministry that Army Special Forces had conducted "surgical strikes" against terror launch pads in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir on September 29.

Lt-Gen Bhatt, who has earlier served in the military operations directorate as a brigadier, is currently posted as the additional director general of the complaints and advisory board at the Army HQ here after he commanded the 21 Division in Assam.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Why Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move is unprecedented

Historically, ‘demonetisations’ or radical recalls/replacements/redenominations of currencies by governments have been in response to hyperinflations. We know of many such cases of outright withdrawal of notes from circulation being resorted to, when normal means to suck up excess liquidity in the system have failed. The underlying purpose has always been to control runaway inflation and the accompanying loss of faith in the domestic currency, both among investors and the larger public.

The best example here is of Germany under the Weimar Republic, which, on November 20, 1923, introduced a new currency — the rentenmark — and declared all old reichsmark notes to be no longer legal tender. This happened as domestic prices, already 14 times their 1913 levels in mid-1921 and 1,475 times towards end-1922, had skyrocketed to 1,422,900,000,000 times by November next year. As the currency lost value by the minute, people rushed to spend their wages the very moment they received them, fuelling further inflation and necessitating more printing of notes to pay 250 billion reichsmarks for a kilo of butter or 15 billion for a short ride on a Berlin streetcar. The only way to deal with this situation was demonetisation: purging the system of all existing notes and launching a new currency backed by solid assets — in this case, land belonging to the state. With credibility restored, inflation fell and the run on the currency, too, ended.


Friday, 7 October 2016

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mental oppressors strike Army, BSF camps in Baramulla, one jawan martyred

SRINAGAR: At scarcest two defenselessness mongers and a trooper were killed, and one warrior was hurt, when mental activists on Sunday night let go at and hurled explosives on a prepared force camp in Baramulla in northern Kashmir, four days after India drove surgical strikes on uneasiness camps over the Line of Control (LoC).

The unequivocally assembled mental oppressors got a Rashtriya Rifles furnished power camp, which in like way houses a unit of the Border Security Force (BSF), before the end of the prior night, affecting a wild weapon battle with security qualities.

The martyred soldier+ has been seen as Constable Nitin and the hurt trooper is Constable Pulwinder. Both are from the 40th unit of the BSF, powers said.

A police official said that a weapon battle with whatever is left of the mental activists completed mid-morning and interest operations were being made.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

EgyptAir flight MS804 to Cairo disappears from radar

EgyptAir flight 804 travelling from Paris to Cairo has disappeared from radar with 56 passengers and 10 crew members on board, the airline has said.

French President Francois Hollande said in a televised address that the plane had crashed early on Thursday.

The plane made "sudden swerves" mid-air and plunged before dropping off radars in the southern Mediterranean, Greece's defence minister said.

"At 3:39am the course of the aircraft was south and south-east of Kassos and Karpathos [islands] ... immediately after it entered Cairo FIR and made swerves and a descent I describe; 90 degrees left and then 360 degrees to the right," Defence Minister Panos Kammenos told a news conference.

Greek authorities mounted a search in the area south of the island of Karpathos without result so far, he said.

However, Egypt's civil aviation ministry said in a statement it was too early to confirm if the passenger plane had crashed.

According to EgyptAir, the plane took off from Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport shortly after 11pm local time.

Greece is deploying military aircraft and a frigate to an area in the southern Mediterranean its defence ministry said.

The search for the missing EgyptAir plane was taking place at sea, about 130 nautical miles southeast of the island of Karpathos, the Greek defence ministry told Reuters news agency.

"One C-130 aircraft and an early-warning EMB-145H plane are already operating in the area. Another C-130 plane is on standby at Kasteli airport on the [southern Greek] island of Crete," Greece's military command said.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

More than 300 million Indians suffer from a crippling drought

In the blistering sun and swirling dust, farmer Dhananjay Hanumant Suryavanshi squats on his empty land and caresses the parched earth.

“There is only one thought that runs over and over again in my head. Will there be good rain this year? Will there be good rain this year?” Suryavanshi, 25, said.

Four years of drought here and crop loss have forced his family to take two loans and sell a third of his land, and driven him to do menial labor. In January, his mother gave up. She drank a bottle of pesticide and fell dead near the holy basil plant in the courtyard.

Relentless drought coupled with a record-breaking heat wave and bad farming practices in the western state of Maharashtra have slashed farm output and driven farmers to desperation.

This year is the worst in decades, officials say, because most farmers are also burdened by years of accumulated debt as they continue to deplete the precious groundwater.
Dhananjay Hanumant Suryavanshi, 25, shows a picture of his mother, who drank a bottle of pesticide and fell dead near a holy basil plant in the courtyard in January. The burden of drought-induced loan is fueling farmer suicides in India. (Rama Lakshmi/The Washington Post)

About 330 million Indians are struggling under grueling heat and drought conditions across 10 states this year, the government said, severely harming the economy of a nation where nearly half the people rely on farming.

Reservoirs and rivers here in Maharashtra’s drought districts are almost dry, and a 50-car train now delivers water to Latur city, near Suryavanshi’s village. Thirsty Indians place long, serpentine lines of plastic pots and drums at the municipal water tank and village wells, and fights have broken out at water pumps.

In many places, children have turned into porters for their families, running up and down with water pots all day. A 12-year-old girl collapsed and died last month here in the searing 111-degree heat after she made five trips to fetch water.

“My whole family is in a constant state of panic over water,” said Kasi Mali, as she placed her pots in a long line. “I have missed many hours of my work as a laborer because I stand here.”

Nearly 30 percent of Indians in cities and 70 percent in villages rely on water pumped from deep underground, because the tap water supply is either insufficient or non-existent.

Only 17 percent of India’s farms have access to surface irrigation projects. Most farmers rely on the elusive annual rain or pump water from underground.

The practice has depleted the country’s groundwater supply precipitously, alarming environmentalists and raising concerns about India’s future agricultural output. Water levels have declined in 47 percent of India’s village wells over the past decade, the government said.
Indian village women carry drinking water in plastic containers on their head as they walk back to their village after collecting it from an almost dried-up well in Samba district on April 29. (Channi Anand/AP)

In Latur city,there is no groundwater even 700 feet down, residents say. In the villages nearby, the water table is in far worse shape, in some places dropping to 1,000 feet below the surface.

Environmental experts have repeatedly warned that the water table will disappear soon if India’s water usage is not regulated.

“We have gone on digging so aggressively in the last 10 years to draw water for our crops that we have used up the groundwater that is meant for the next two generations,” said Raju Dongare, a farmer. “But what else could we depend on? There were no canals or pipes coming to our farms.”

Experts also say that the drought is not a natural disaster but a consequence of decades of bad farming practices.

In recent years, the state government allowed the proliferation of sugar factories owned by local politicians, which led to a sort of gold rush among farmers here to cultivate water-guzzling sugar cane, said Pradeep Purandare, former professor of water studies at the Water and Land Management Institute.

Seventy percent of the water from the state’s dams goes to cane farms. But cane growers have drawn on groundwater, further sapping the aquifers.

This year, somewhat belatedly, the administration in Latur district launched a drive to encourage farmers to shift away from cane to oil seeds, lentils and soybeans.

“There is a mind-set among farmers that only sugar cane crop fetches good returns,” Pandurang Pole, the chief district official, said.

Latur district’s groundwater situation can sustain only 12,300 acres of cane cultivation, he said. But the area has about 10 times that much land under cultivation.

Repeated droughts have pushed tens of thousands of farmers to leave their villages to look for work in India’s overburdened cities and towns.

In Matola village, about 500 people, mostly men, have left in just the past six months. Many of the women and children left behind are selling their cattle in distress.

“There is no water in the sky or under the earth; there is nothing left here,” said Bai Gidappa Pawar, as she poured freshly ground chili powder into a jar in her kitchen. In December, her husband left for Pune city with their 16-year old son to work in a quarry. “There is not a single family here that does not have a loan hanging over its head.”

The burden of drought-induced loans is fueling farmer suicides across India. There were 12,360 suicides by land-owning farmers and farm laborers across India in 2014, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, up from 11,772 the previous year.

Since January, 43 farmers have killed themselves in Latur district alone, including Suryavanshi’s mother.

His mother was driven to take her life after the family lost more than $4,400 because of bad harvests in the sugar cane and soy bean crop in the past three years. He was unable to pay the hospital bills to treat his father’s cancer, who died three years ago. To feed his family, Suryavanshi and his brother now load boulders on to a truck for eight hours in the sun, earning less than $3 a day to feed their children.

His farm is barren now. The oppressive heat of the sun beat down on him, as he said he cannot afford to feed his buffalo for long.

He said his mother did farm labor for others and brought home extra money. That helped.

He feels her absence keenly.

“In spite of all the problems, my mother’s presence was like an umbrella protecting me from the harsh sun,” he said.  Source:

Friday, 8 April 2016

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