Friday, 15 September 2017

Muslims hold rally in Agartala against atrocities on Rohingyas in Myanmar

Agartala: Hundreds of Muslims from different parts of Tripura under the banner of Tripura State Jamiat Ulema Hind held a massive protest yesterday against the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar state authorities.

The protest march against the genocide and atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims raised slogans against Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi and gave slogans such as "Stop the genocide" and "UNO, break your silence".

" Rohingyas should get nationality and all those who have taken refuge in various nations should return peacefully to the nation. India and Bangladesh should also do this and till the Rohingas are living as refugees food and shelter should be arranged for them," said another protestor.

The leaders of Tripura State Jamiat Ulema Hind accused the Burmese government of treating Rohingya Muslims so cruelly that has never been witnessed across the world.

The Muslim leaders also accused that women and small children are being thrashed and burnt alive, mass rape and the whole world is keeping mum over it.

The protesters also raised slogans against Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counselor and Leader of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar.


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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Barcelona attack: 17-year-old key suspect Moussa Oukabir shot dead, confirms police

Barcelona: 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir, the prime suspect in Barcelona attack has been shot dead by police in the nearby seaside town of Cambrils, authorities confirmed last night.

Six by-standers were wounded, one critically and another seriously. A police officer was also lightly injured in the counter-terror operation.

One of the suspects involved in the Barcelona attack was found dead in a car three kilometers from where police officers tried to stop him by firing at the vehicle he was in.

Two suspects, one from Morocco, one from the Spanish enclave of Melilla, were arrested in connection with the Barcelona attack, Catalan Police Chief Josep Lluis Trapero said.

At least 14 people were killed and more than 100 were injured on Thursday when a van crashed into a crowd that regularly throng Barcelona`s Las Ramblas boulevard, a destination popular with tourists.


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Monday, 31 July 2017

Sharp spike in natural disasters impacting agriculture, data shows

The spate of floods in Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat among other parts of the country this monsoon season is part of a global phenomenon that shows a marked increase in frequency and extent of natural disasters in the last six decades or so, data has revealed.

EM-DAT (The International Disaster database) has found that the number of disasters in India went up from three in the decade of 1900-1909, to as many as 186 a century later. And this decade, in the last seven years (2010-16), India has already seen 107 disasters.

The spurt began in the 1950s, coinciding with the decades that show a sharp increase in population in the country. From 1900 to 1949, the number of disasters in India increased from three in the first decade (1900-1909) to nine in 1940-49. Census figures show that India’s population rose from 238 million in 1901 to 361.1 million in 1951. But thereafter the population grew from 439.3 million in 1961 to 1.2 billion in 2011.

Experts say increase in demographic pressure and human activity haves a direct impact on climate change. On the other hand, the resultant changes will impact humans severely.

“The negative impact of climate change on agriculture is well established. The Indian farmer is more vulnerable because climate change impacts disproportionately. The poor are hit harder,” said Vijeta Rattani of the Centre for Science and Environment .

The World Bank said in a report last year that by 2050, India will need to import twice the amount of food grain it does now, due to climate change.

The UN body Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that of the total damage caused due to such extremities, the damage to agriculture in developing countries is 22%.

Though separate numbers are not available for India, experts expect this to be much higher because of the number of households involved in agriculture -- about 47% of the population.


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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

NSA दौरे से पहले बोला चीन, दोनों देशों के बीच डोकलाम विवाद के पीछे डोभाल

बीजिंग. सिक्किम विवाद को लेकर चीन के सरकारी अखबार ग्लोबल टाइम्स ने एनएसए अजीत डोभाल पर निशाना साधा है। डोकलाम पर चल रहे विवाद के पीछे उसने सीधे तौर पर डोभाल को बताया है। ये बयान उस वक्त सामने आए हैं, जब अजीत डोभाल 27 जुलाई को ब्रिक्स नेशनल सिक्युरिटी एडवाइजर की मीटिंग में हिस्सा लेने के लिए बीजिंग जाने वाले हैं।
सख्त एक्शन लेने की धमकी
- अखबार ने 1962 की जंग का उदाहरण देते हुए लिखा कि अगर भारत ने अपनी सेना नहीं हटाई तो चीन इस पर सख्त एक्शन लेगा। 
- आर्टिकल में लिखा गया कि चीनी सेना इतने कड़े एक्शन ले सकती है, जिसके बारे में भारत सोच भी नहीं सकता। 
- अखबार में लिखा गया कि हमें नहीं लगता कि भारत चीन के साथ जंग के लिए तैयार है। अगर वो जंग का रास्ता चुनता है तो चीन अपनी रक्षा के लिए पूरी तरह सक्षम है और दिल्ली को इसके लिए बड़ी कीमत चुकानी होगी। 
- अखबार का ये आर्टिकल उस वक्त सामने आया है, जब चीन की ओर से इस मुद्दे पर कड़ा रुख अपनाया गया है। 
- इधर, डोभाल के दौरे से भारतीय मीडिया में ऐसा माहौल बना रहा है कि जैसे उनके इस दौरे के बाद सबकुछ ठीक हो जाएगा।

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

China backs joint energy development with Philippines in disputed sea

Manila: China`s foreign minister on Tuesday said he supported the idea of joint energy ventures with the Philippines in the disputed South China Sea, warning that unilateral action could cause problems and damage both sides.

Wang Yi, on a two-day visit to Manila, made the remarks after President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said a partner had been found to develop oil fields and exploration and exploitation would restart this year.

Both countries claim the oil and gas reserves, and a deal on sharing could be seen as legitimising the other side`s claim, or giving away sovereign territory.

Wang also said China and Southeast Asian countries were firming up a maritime code of conduct framework, showing the world they could handle differences.

However, in a veiled reference to the United States, he said it was important for regional friends to stand up to outside interference.

"If there are still some non-regional forces in the region, they don`t want to see stability and want to stir up trouble, we need to stand together and say `No` to them together," he said.

In the latest confrontation, Chinese fighter jets intercepted a US Navy surveillance plane over the East China Sea at the weekend, according to US officials.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

छोटा राजन के शार्प शूटर खान मुबारक के फेसबुक दोस्तों की होगी छानबीन

इलाहाबाद (जेएनएन)। स्पेशल टास्क फोर्स के हत्थे चढ़े छोटा राजन गैंग के शूटर खान मुबारक के बारे में गहराई से जांच शुरू हो गई है। एसटीएफ अब उसके फेसबुक फ्रेंड को खंगालते हुए दोस्तों के बारे में जानकारी जुटा रही है।
अब तक की जांच में पता चला है कि इलाहाबाद समेत कई जिलों के युवा खान के फेसबुक फ्रेंड हैं। इसमें छात्र नेता से लेकर बिल्डर, कारोबारी और कुछ विदेश में रहने वाले शख्स भी शामिल हैं। कुछ युवतियां भी हैं। एक युवती की प्रोफाइल से पता चला है कि वह इलाहाबाद की रहने वाली है और इलाहाबाद विश्वविद्यालय की छात्रा रही है।
ऐसे लोगों के कारोबार, उनकी गतिविधियों के बारे में पता लगाया जा रहा है। साथ ही खान मुबारक के गिरोह से जुड़े रहे शातिर अपराधी राजेश यादव जैसे लोगों पर भी एसटीएफ की पैनी नजर है। एटीएफ को छानबीन में ऐसी जानकारी मिली है कि खान मुबारक के एक खास दोस्त की दोस्ती कुछ पुलिस वालों से भी है।
फिलहाल एडिशनल एसपी एसटीएफ प्रवीण सिंह चौहान ने बताया कि खान मुबारक के गिरोह से जुड़े लोगों और फेसबुक पर बने दोस्तों के बारे में छानबीन करते हुए नजर रखी जा रही है। खान मुबारक को लखनऊ एसटीएफ ने गिरफ्तार करते हुए असलहों का जखीरा बरामद किया है।

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Berlin summons Turkish envoy over detention of German human rights activist

Berlin: Berlin on Wednesday summoned Turkey's ambassador over the detention of a German human rights activist and issued a fresh warning about the NATO partner's respect for the rule of law.

"The Turkish government needs to immediately and directly hear the German government's outrage and incomprehension as well as its crystal-clear expectations in the case of Peter Steudtner, and this time without diplomatic niceties," foreign ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer said.

Last week Turkey asked legislators to postpone a scheduled visit to a NATO base in Konya, the German foreign ministry said, expressing "regret" about the decision.

The dispute came after Germany last month pulled out 260 troops from Turkey's Incirlik base, from where a multinational coalition is fighting the Islamic State jihadist group, and redeployed them and their Tornado surveillance jets to Jordan.

Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert said Wednesday that in the current context, any progress on Turkey's bid to join the EU was "not on the cards".

He pressed Ankara to consider what relationship it wanted to have with the 28-member bloc given the outstanding "questions about the rule of law" and democratic values in the country.


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Monday, 17 July 2017

Air India flight suffers bird hit while landing in Kolkata

Kolkata: An Air India flight from Delhi with 254 passengers and crew on board suffered a bird hit while landing at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport here on Monday, an AI spokesman said.

The impact was, however, negligible. The aircraft AI 401 had a normal landing at around 9.05 a.m.

"It was a negligible impact," the spokesman told IANS.

The spokesman said the aircraft has not suffered much damage.

However, as a result, the Kolkata-Delhi return flight, that was scheduled to take off at 10.15 a.m., was delayed and will now take off at 5.30 p.m.

There are 240 passengers on the Kolkata-Delhi flight. The same aircraft was supposed to fly them, the spokesman said.

"But as it was thoroughly checked as per standard operating procedure, the flight got delayed. We are arranging an alternative aircraft for flying out the passengers," the spokesman added.


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Friday, 19 May 2017

Rose valley chit subsidize trick: Trinamool MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay gets safeguard

CUTTACK: The Odisha high court on Friday allowed contingent safeguard to Trinamool Congress MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay, who was captured by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) regarding Rose valley chit finance trick on January 3.

Sudip's guidance had argued in court that the government official was not the slightest bit required in the trick. Moreover, as Sudip is truly sick so he ought to be allowed safeguard yet CBI had eagerly restricted the supplication.

Introducing its solid stand,CBI's guidance had advised court that the exploring organization has as of now documented chargesheet against him and the test will be influenced if Sudip is allowed safeguard by court.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Vladimir Putin offers transcript to demonstrate Donald Trump did not pass insider facts to Russia

Sochi/Moscow: Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that US President Donald Trump had not unveiled any insider facts amid a meeting in Washington with Russian authorities and offered to demonstrate it by providing Congress with a transcript.

Two US authorities said on Monday Trump had uncovered characterized data about an arranged Islamic State operation to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov when they met a week ago, diving the White House into a new contention only four months into Trump`s residency.

Trump, whose organization has been resolute by claims that Russia helped him win the White House and that he and his partners are excessively comfortable with Moscow, has guarded his choice to talk about knowledge with the Russians after media reports of the meeting frightened some U.S. furthermore, remote government officials.

President Putin sent his trademark mockery on Wednesday to clarify he thought the allegation that Trump had uncovered privileged insights ridiculous.

"I addressed him (Lavrov) today," a grinning Putin told a news gathering with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cops act mischievously with I-T authority's relatives

UDAIPUR: An IRS officer has held up a dissension of trouble making and mauling against cops at the Ambamata police headquarters here on Saturday.

Baig who announced the matter online to the Prime Minister's Office said that the occurrence occurred around 8.40 pm on Friday when few policemen jumped into his home. Every one of them were inebriated. Two of them were in garbs while others were thoughtful dressed. They manhandled Baig's sisters when they attempted to stop them and slapped his sibling when he got some information about their personalities. At the point when Baig mediated and requested a court order, the cops undermined him and said that they would come back with a bigger compel and after that he would need to see more. The authority detailed the matter to the SP who requesting that he give a composed protestation. Later it was realized that it had been an instance of mixed up way of life as the policemen had a warrant to be served to another person with a similar surname yet they entered the official's home. On Saturday, two constables among the group who had supposedly gotten rowdy, were expelled from the police headquarters and sent to lines, sources said. Specialists maintained a strategic distance from to remark. 

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Donald Trump's little girl Tiffany to go to Georgetown Law School

New York: Another Trump is going to Washington. Tiffany Trump, the most youthful little girl of the president, will select at Georgetown University Law School this fall, as per her sibling. Eric Trump, who uncovered the school decision, got his college degree from Georgetown.

Tiffany Trump, 23, is the little girl of President Donald Trump and his second spouse, Marla Maples. She moved on from the University of Pennsylvania, her dad's place of graduation, prior this year.

The White House did not react to a demand for input about Tiffany Trump's decision of a graduate school.

Generally because of her reviews, Tiffany Trump was a moderately uncommon sight amid her dad's crusade. She delivered a generally welcomed discourse finally summer's Republican National Convention that endeavored to acculturate her dad past his blunt, all-business outside.

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Friday, 28 April 2017

ED registers tax evasion case in Narada sting case

Kolkata: In greater humiliation for West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Enforcement Directorate has enlisted illegal tax avoidance case in Narada sting case, professedly including Trinamool Congress pioneers.

EC's activity comes after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) a week ago recorded a FIR against 13 individuals, including senior TMC pioneers who were purportedly observed taking cash, in the Narada case.

The Calcutta High Court had requested the CBI to direct a preparatory investigation into the matter. The request was tested by the West Bengal government in the Supreme Court, which declined to give alleviation on March 17 and gave the CBI one month to close the preparatory test and record a FIR, if required.

The Narada discussion ejected in race bound West Bengal in March a year ago when Narada News gateway transferred video film purportedly demonstrating the Trinamool pioneers getting cash in return of favors to an invented organization.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Community survey decision on Wednesday, a lot is on the line

NEW DELHI: The fight for catching the three city enterprises in the capital will be chosen by Wednesday evening. The energetically anticipated result will have an extensive effect on the political fortunes of the three noteworthy contenders - BJP, AAP and Congress. The stakes for AAP are the most elevated as it has scarcely recuperated from its Punjab and Goa massacres.

AAP made the first-class guarantee of rejecting property assessment to influence voters other than highlighting how the insanitary conditions in the capital had prompted the episode of jungle fever, dengue and chikungunya and that the BJP-directed organizations were in charge of that.

Floated by his gathering's great peformance in the Rajouri Garden byelections, state Congress boss Ajay Maken ran a to a great extent positive crusade, searching for a recovery of the amazing old gathering. It turned out with six manifestoes. Nonetheless, Maken was given an awful jar by his gathering associate, Arvinder Singh Lovely, who joined BJP seeming a bit piqued, griping of being disregarded, trailed by previous Delhi Commission for Women boss Barkha Singh. The degree of harm caused by these two pioneers will be obvious on Wednesday.

The destiny of 2,537 applicants will be settled on the premise of 53.53% of voting on Sunday, outperforming barely the surveying figure last time. By and by, unapproved provinces, ghetto bunches and territories on the outskirts of Delhi voted in vast numbers with the urban zones giving a tepid reaction.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Analysts grow more conductive, harder material than copper

New Delhi: Researchers claim to have built up another material which they say is more harder and conductive than copper.

Adjusted carbon nanotube sheets are appropriate for an extensive variety of utilization spreading over from the smaller scale to the large scale scales, Tawfick noted in the review distributed in the diary Advanced Engineering Materials.

"The investigation of the break vitality of CNT materials drove us to plan these greatly extreme movies. Intense nano-architectured conductive material made by slender plicing of Ccrbon nanotubes," said lead creator Yue Liang.

Starting with impetus stored on a silicon oxide substrate, vertically adjusted carbon nanotubes were blended by means of compound vapor affidavit as parallel lines of 5 micrometer wide, 10 micrometer long, and 20-60 micrometer in statures.

"Searching for approaches to staple the CNTs together, we were propelled by the joining procedure created by antiquated Egyptians 5,000 years prior to make material materials," Liang included.

The new CNT material, with basic adaptable exemplification in an elastomer network, can be utilized as a part of savvy materials, keen skins and an assortment of adaptable hardware.

Attributable to their to a great degree high strength, they speak to an alluring material, which can supplant thin metal movies to improve gadget unwavering quality. 

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fake AIIMS specialist captured at Safdarjung Hospital

NEW DELHI: A 37-year-old sham was captured on Monday at Safdarjung Hospital for attempting to go off as a senior specialist.

He had even hauled out a fake character card and was discovered conveying produced stamps.

Police said Anand had been fleecing patients at both Safdarjung and AIIMS by acting like a specialist subsidiary to either.

He told the police amid scrutinizing that he was a PhD in yoga and had gone by Safdarjung to meet a patient from his town.

"We are checking the assertions of the doctor's facility and the man is being addressed. No case has been enlisted starting at now," said Chinmoy Biswal, DCP II (south).

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Quran, Islam never said amplifiers fundamental for azaan: Congress pioneer Ahmed Patel

New Delhi: In comments which may make swells inside the political field, senior Congress pioneer Ahmed Patel on Tuesday opined that amplifiers are not that fundamental for booming of azaan at mosques.

"Quran or Islam never said that azaan must be conveyed through amplifiers. Azaan ought to be conveyed so as to not get bothered," Patel told journalists on his landing in the city air terminal.

The senior Congress pioneer's remarks come in the wake of driving Bollywood artist Sonu Nigam lashed out at "constrained religiousness" in India in the wake of being woken up by the "azaan" from an adjacent mosque, setting off a deluge of response for and against.

Vocalist Sonu Nigam, in a progression of tweets, has depicted as hooliganism the utilization of amplifiers to communicate sermons and calls to supplications by mosques, sanctuaries and gurudwaras.

The 43-year-old vocalist said he didn't trust that hallowed places ought to wake individuals up with the utilization of amplifiers and requested a conclusion to "constrained religiousness".

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

2002 Gujarat riots test: SC assuages SIT boss RK Raghavan

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday permitted RK Raghavan, who was heading the summit court designated Special Investigation Team (SIT) to test 2002 Gujarat riots cases, to be diminished as the leader of the group.

The seat hailed the work done as such far by the SIT and permitted the demand of Salve, while asking A K Malhotra, another individual from the SIT, to administer the working of the test group.

It additionally calmed another part K Venkatesam from the SIT and requested that Malhotra keep documenting a quarterly status give an account of the advance in the uproars cases in the pinnacle court.

The top court-designated SIT has been examining nine noteworthy post-Godhra riots cases including the Naroda Gam riots case relating to the slaughtering of eleven individuals from a group.

The zenith court had on September 19 a year ago allowed six months to a lower court in Gujarat to finish up trial in the 2002 Naroda Gam riots case, one of the nine post-Godhra riots matters tested by the SIT, after Salve and Raghavan looked for a similar saying the trial court needs to inspect about 300 witnesses.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

No political arrangement in Syria with Assad in power: US agent

New York: US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has said there can be no political answer for the contention in Syria until President Bashar al-Assad is in power.

"It just - on the off chance that you take a gander at his activities, on the off chance that you take a gander at the circumstance, it will be difficult to see an administration that is tranquil and stable with Assad," she included.

Haley's comments came only a day after she cautioned that Washington was set up to take additionally activities in Syria amid an exceptional session at the UN taking after a US military strike against a Syrian air base.

President Donald Trump requested the strike in light of a compound weapons assault against regular folks prior in the week, which US authorities say was completed on the requests of the Assad government.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Sheena Bora case: Special CBI Court dismisses hearing till Apr 21

New Delhi: A Special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court on Friday dismissed the hearing in the Sheena Bora kill case till April 21.

The murder, which occurred on April 24, 2012, became visible in 2015 with the capture of Rai, who later turned approver for the CBI.

Indrani, Khanna and Rai have been blamed for choking 24-year-old Sheena - Indrani`s little girl from a past relationship-on April 24, 2012. Her consumed body was dumped in a pack in the timberlands in Raigad region close Mumbai.The trio was captured in August 2015, while Peter was captured later in November 19 that year.

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

US comments on Bashar al-Assad encourage 'more crimes': Syria opposition

Istanbul: Syria's resistance today said the most recent remarks from Washington softening its line against President Bashar al-Assad were urging him to perpetrate more wrongdoings, after a dangerous presumed synthetic assault faulted for the administration.

The past organization of previous US president Barack Obama had dependably pushed for the ouster of Assad, supporting the revolutionaries battling against his powers.

Be that as it may, in an evident U-turn, the US minister to the United Nations and other top authorities in the new organization of President Donald Trump have said removing Assad is no longer a need.

"You pick and pick your fights," US minister to the UN Nikki Haley told journalists, reverberating remarks made by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on a visit to Turkey a week ago.

In any case, in a toughening of talk, the White House blamed Assad for doing an "unforgivable" and "painful" compound assault in Syria yesterday that left no less than 72 dead.

Abdelhakim Bashar said that the Assad administration represented a much more serious threat to security than Islamic State (IS) jihadists and the previous Al-Qaesa member Al-Nusra front, now called Fateh al-Sham. Read more:-International Database

"For whatever length of time that the administration is set up it won't be conceivable to annihilation fear based oppression," said Bashar, whose gathering is the principle umbrella association of Syrian resistance associations.

Coastal air strikes kill 13 Yemen rebels

Aden: Thirteen dissidents were killed as air assaults by the Saudi-drove Arab coalition struck their positions on the shoreline of western Yemen on Wednesday, military and medicinal authorities said.

The strikes demolished five angling pontoons purportedly utilized by the Shiite Huthi radicals to convey arms to the isle of Tarfa, around five kilometers seaward, the military authority said.

The warplanes of the Saudi-drove coalition, which mediated in 2015 in support of the legislature of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, target revolt positions frequently.

The administration has said Hodeida is its next focus in a military battle to push revolts out of the protracted Red Sea drift, for the most part to stop arms pirating to the radicals.

The coalition called a month ago on the United Nation to put the port under its watch, not long after more than 40 Somali outcasts were shot dead on board a vessel off Hodeida. Read more:-International Database

The UN encouraged warring gatherings yesterday to "guarantee the kept working" of the port since it remains the principle purpose of section for philanthropic guide.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Bhola drug case: ED attaches properties of ex-Akali minister, former MLA, 11 others

Chandigarh: The Enforcement Directorate on Monday joined properties worth Rs 61.62 crore having a place with 13 individuals in the multi-crore medicate racket case.

The office requested temporary connection of ardent property worth Rs 14.75 lakh of previous Akali serve Sarwan Singh Phillaur. He was the Jails Minister in the past Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP government.

Additionally, resolute property of his child Damanvir Singh Phillaur, worth Rs 4.72 crore, was likewise connected by the ED.

Outstandingly, Phillaur had surrendered as tourism and prisons serve in April 2014 after his child Damanvir Singh's name sprung up in the Bhola sedate case.

Aside from the father-child pair, the office joined the property of previous Akali MLA and Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) Avinash Chander to the tune of Rs 55.45 lakh.  Read more:- Mobile Number Database Provider

"ED Jalandhar zone is researching drug racket instance of Jagdish Bhola and others under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002. Examination uncovered that returns of wrongdoing got from money rich medication business has been laundered in versatile and relentless properties. The ED has issued temporary connection arrange on March 31 for joining portable/resolute properties worth Rs 61,61,88,590," it said.

Source:- Zeenews

In country-wide crackdown, ED arrests two, attaches Rs 100 crore properties

New Delhi: Continuing its crackdown on shell organizations and illegal tax avoidance, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Tuesday captured two individuals and joined properties worth over Rs 100 crore in numerous areas the nation over.

The organization additionally joined resources worth Rs 5 crore regarding the illegal tax avoidance body of evidence against Surat-based "hawala administrator" Afroz Fatta and his partners.

Illuminating about the twin captures, an ED official disclosed to IANS that Reddy had drifted more than 20 shell organizations and got credits through questionable means.

A designing graduate from Bengaluru, Reddy swindled United Bank of India of Rs 70 crore by "submitting manufactured or fake reports and by pantomime".

Confronting three cases under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), he was sent to two days` ED care by a Bengaluru court.  Read more:- Mobile Number Database Provider

The second blamed Liakath Ali - caught from Chennai - was included in bamboozling Indian Bank, Thousand Lights Branch, Chennai, utilizing eight shell organizations and dispatched $11,778,120 (Rs 78 crore) out of India, against manufactured Bill of Entries without affecting any real imports, said the authority.

Source:- Zeenews

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Avoid Eating What is Prohibited in Constitution, Says Venkaiah Naidu

Hyderabad: Food is an individual decision however one ought to abstain from expending what is limited in the Constitution, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said on Monday.

"Aapko jo khana hain voh khao...par jo samvidhan principle precluded hain usko tangle khaon (One can eat his sustenance of decision, however abstain from eating that nourishment which is disallowed according to our Constitution)," he told correspondents here.

"Sustenance is an individual decision, however in the meantime there are sure confinements in the Constitution. Along these lines, in specific regions, certain things must be regarded by the whole gang. "What is precluded according to Constitution in states...follow that. What is there according to law... tail it. I am a "pakka" (staunch) non-veggie lover and will proceed to in this way, and there is no limitation. I am the immediate case (sic)," the BJP pioneer said. Bulk whatsapp sms service provider

Venkaiah's announcement came when the BJP-ruled states are pushing for stricter laws against cow butcher, though in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government is bearing down on illicit abattoirs.

Source:- TOI

As Past Returns to Haunt Congress, Rahul Must Break Deafening Silence

New Delhi: On Thursday, a senior Congress pioneer rang Kapil Sibal and asked whether he was sorting out a supper for individual Congressmen. Sibal denied arranging any such supper. Behind this apparently harmless question was a dread and talk. The gossip was that displeased Congress pioneers were getting together to chalk out their future inside the gathering and, potentially, even outside.

There are huge state races coming up in front of the 2019 Lok Sabha surveys; Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka to give some examples. The gathering still can't seem to meet to chalk out an arrangement. Truth be told, numerous Congress pioneers are as yet sitting tight for that telephone ring which will set a stock-taking meeting. Bulk whatsapp sms service provider

"I remained back for two or three days after the 2014 outcomes expecting an All India Congress Committee (AIICC) or a Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting to make sense of what turned out badly. It was futile as right around three years after the fact we haven't met," said a senior Congress pioneer.

What is the purpose for this quiet and inertia? Is Rahul arranging anything?

Source:- BBCNEWS

Monday, 3 April 2017

'Love' kills more in India than terror

Dread executed 20,000 individuals in the vicinity of 2001 and 2015. Then again, "adore" rose as the authoritatively recorded purpose behind 38,585 killings and at fault manslaughter cases and 79,189 suicides. Further, 2.6 lakh seizing cases were likewise recorded in a similar period with marriage being the rationale behind "kidnapping" ladies. The math comes down to the accompanying - love was in charge of six-times the passings created by dread assaults.Mobile Number database provider

Source:- Timesofindia

DU students arrested for 'stalking' Smriti Irani

NEW DELHI: Four Delhi University understudies, who took after Union priest Smriti Irani's auto in Lutyens' Delhi in an "intoxicated" state, have been captured for supposedly stalking and offending the humility of a lady.

The four young people, in the age gatherings of 18-21, are understudies of DU's Motilal Nehru College.

A PCR call was gotten around 5 PM on Saturday that four young people in an auto were enjoying "vulgar and undesirable activities", said a senior cop.

The call was gotten from the pastor's staff that the young people were attempting to surpass her vehicle close Moti Bagh flyover and their activities were undesirable.

With the assistance of PCR van, the auto was caught close to the US Embassy. The four young people were caught and arrested. Till the previous evening, they were kept yet today they were captured, a cop said. Mobile Number database provider

They were discharged on safeguard later from the Chanakyapuri police headquarters.

Source:- Timesofindia

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Narrow escape for 168 as tail of Jet Airways plane hits runway on landing in Dhaka

NEW DELHI: 168 people onboard a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai had a narrow escape after the tail of the aircraft hit the runway on landing at the Dhaka International airport last week, prompting the airline to remove the pilots from duty.

The B737 aircraft has been grounded and a team from Boeing company is expected to visit Dhaka to assess the extent of damage to the plane while engineers from Jet Airways have already started the assessment, sources said.

The incident, which happened on January 22, has been reported to aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

DGCA sources said Bangladesh's aviation authorities are expected to investigate the incident since it happened in Dhaka.
According to them, if the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Bangladesh, which is the country's aviation regulatory body, decides not to probe the incident, then AAIB may take up the investigation.

When contacted, Jet Airways confirmed the "tail strike" incident.

The flight 9W-276 from Mumbai to Dhaka had 160 guests and eight crew members when it had a "tail strike" on landing at Dhaka airport on January 22. There were no injuries to guests or crew, all of whom deplaned safely, the airline said.


Monday, 23 January 2017

Despite Country Club Members’ Rift, Obama Gets an Invitation

WASHINGTON — For weeks, the members of an exclusive, mostly Jewish country club in the Maryland suburbs of Washington have been entangled in a bitter dispute over whether to exclude former President Barack Obama, who has played golf there, because of Mr. Obama’s policies toward Israel.

On Monday, the management of the club, Woodmont Country Club, sought to put an end to the rancor, sending a letter to members notifying them that it had invited Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, to join as “special members.” Under those terms, the former first couple would pay dues and other fees but would be spared the $80,000 initiation fee.

“In the current deeply polarized political environment,” the club’s president, Barry Forman, wrote, “it is all the more important that Woodmont be a place where people of varying views and beliefs can enjoy fellowship and recreation in a relaxed environment.”

As president, Mr. Obama played several rounds of golf at the club, which is off a dreary retail corridor in Rockville, Md., but is known for two highly rated 18-hole courses and a newly renovated clubhouse. Mr. Obama, who plans to live in Washington for a few more years, mused to friends that Woodmont might be a good club to hone his post-presidential game.

But he got caught up in the inflamed politics of the Middle East and the American Jewish community.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mauritius: PM Anerood Jugnauth to hand over to son

Mauritian Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth says he is stepping down to hand power to his son, Pravind.

The 86-year-old first became prime minister in 1982, beginning a third spell as leader in 2014.

In a televised address Mr Jugnauth said he was resigning in favour of a "younger and more dynamic leader". His son is currently finance minister.

Opposition parties have criticised the move but in practice there is little they can do to stop it.

The younger Jugnauth is head of the Militant Socialist Movement, the largest party in the governing coalition.
A former prime minister, Navin Ramgoolam, warned that the family was turning Mauritius into a "banana republic".

Mauritius, an Indian Ocean archipelago, is a former British colony.

In his speech, Mr Jugnauth cited the "Westminster tradition", referring to the transfer of power from David Cameron to Theresa May in the UK without elections, local media reported.

He is due to hand in his resignation on Monday morning.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Widespread protest in Tamil Nadu for Jallikattu

The Madras high court on Friday rejected a public interest litigation (PIL) that wanted the state and central governments to enact a law for the bull-taming sport. Dismissing the PIL that apparently sought to cash in on the current situation, the first bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice M Sundar said courts could not issue such direction to government or authorities.

Students and youngsters are on the roads and public places demanding the conduct of Jallikattu, the traditional bull-taming sport in the state. Stay with us for live updates

Around 1,000 people, predominantly Tamils, gathered in front of Town Hall in the city on Thursday to protest against a court order that has banned the event. Like it happened in Chennai on Wednesday, there was no call from any specific social, political or religious group calling on the people to participate in the protest, yet professionals, software engineers and students alike joined the protest here in huge numbers and with visible enthusiasm.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nigerian Air Force fighter jet mistakenly bombs refugee camp, killing more than 100

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — A Nigerian Air Force fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists mistakenly bombed a refugee camp Tuesday, killing more than 100 refugees and wounding aid workers, a Borno state official said. A Red Cross worker said 20 volunteers with the aid group had been killed.

The state government official, who was helping to coordinate the evacuation of wounded from the remote area by helicopters, spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters.

Military commander Maj. Gen. Lucky Irabor confirmed the accidental bombardment in northeast Rann, near the border with Cameroon.

This is believed to be the first time Nigeria’s military has admitted to making such a mistake.

Among the wounded were two soldiers and Nigerians working for Doctors Without Borders and the International Committee of the Red Cross, Irabor said.

An ICRC employee told the AP that 20 Red Cross volunteers were among the dead. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not supposed to give information to reporters.

Doctors Without Borders said its team based in Rann had counted 50 bodies and treated 120 wounded. A statement from spokesman Etienne l’Hermitte urged authorities to facilitate land and air evacuations, saying, “Our medical and surgical teams in Cameroon and Chad are ready to treat wounded patients. We are in close contact with our teams, who are in shock following the event.


Friday, 6 January 2017

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

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